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Large Journalsor more than 40 years, Fulford & Co. has helped decorators, individuals and companies find the special antiques for any decor. Then 15 years ago, we began to offer leather books. We have found them to be an almost perfect accessory. Whether the need is for one volume, of literally for thousands of volumes, Fulford & Co. is able to supply the need.

Leather books, unlike draperies or carpeting, may increase in value and they actually don’t wear out. Leather books are ideal items with which to decorate your home or office. Warm rich leathers with gilding accent any room from traditional to contemporary in style. A library, study or simply a corner table…Leather books are an affordable yet strikingly elegant way to add warmth and beauty to any decor.

The mass production of leather books stopped in North America about a 100 years ago. That is why the leather books at Fulford & Co. are such a special value. Original leather bound books in English have become quite expensive. But, at Fulford & Co., we can offer reasonably priced leather books by providing two basic types of leather books; with a wide variety within each type.

Our decorator leather books (non-English) are original binding leather books ranging from 40-160 years old. They are perfect for decorative and display purposes. They are not in English (most are in one of the Scandinavian languages). These are not reprints or reproductions of old used books. They are original leather books published between 1850 and 1970. Because these books have been used and treasured, in some cases for more than a century, you should expect some wear and tear on these wonderful leather books. Most Scandinavian language leather books are done in quarter bound style with leather spines and corners on the front and back.

Our English language leather bound books are volumes published in the United States, Canada and Great Britain. These volumes have been carefully rebound in full classic leather bindings with marble front papers. Each is a masterpiece.

We also have a limited quantity of antique bank registers and journals. We have these both in original bindings, and in full leather rebound condition. Please contact us for pricing. Through a special source, Fulford & Co. has access to new, full leather binding journals. These journals come with blank pages and are available in three colors: red, black, tan. Each has gold gilding on the spine. From time to time, we have large Family Bibles, Atlases, and Dictionaries which have been rebound in full leather. Please contact us for specifics.

That’s not all, we also have leather photo albums with either tooled or gilded covers and multiple insert pages for your photos. Then, we make custom bookcases and other custom furniture and antique reproductions. Give us a visit and let us show you what we have to offer.

Contact us for any of your leather book questions at (252) 243-7727 or at info@Fulfords.us

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