Fulford’s Custom Flooring & Beams

DSCF0057At Fulford Flooring, we travel several states to secure the materials that we use. We gather architectural elements, brick and recycled wood . Then we ship them all to our mill in Wilson, North Carolina. From recycled wood comes beams and flooring, from old buildings come doors and bricks; then from our shop comes Antique Heart Pine Flooring, historic doors, mantles, ceiling beams and more. At Fulford Flooring, using these products, means to “Walk with History.”Over the years, our expertise has expanded to include flooring, exposed beams, architectural elements and reclaimed bricks. We are known for our award winning Antique Heart Pine Flooring. It is made from wonderful old lumber and beams, sawn and prepared in our facilities.

We also do other types of wood flooring, including but not limited to: red and white oak, wormy chestnut, and white pine. Our flooring is available in different grades and finishes to suit your taste and situation.

The same source for our Heart Pine flooring allows us to provide beautiful Beams and Posts, crafted by our skilled craftsmen from these same materials. Mantles and other Architectual Elements can add to your home or business. We scour several states for old Columns, Doors, Beams, Mantles, and Lumber. Whether you want an old element restored for new service, or a new element crafted from old, recycled materials, we can provide either.

Reclaimed brick is another one of our specialties. We disassemble old buildings built with Silas Lucas Brick. These bricks were hand made then and are now hand chiseled, one-by-one to restore their original size and shape. Originally manufactured in the late 1800s, Silas Lucas Brick are some of the most attractive bricks ever made. We have reclaimed brick with colors ranging from dark reds to oranges and browns. When using our recycled Flooring, Brick, or Antique Architectual Elements, you are literally “Walking with History.”

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